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heart queen

painted smily

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commonly “smiley” is used for happy face creations.
But i´m using smily + + ☺*

The creation ” -_- ” i´ve named in ~ 2000 “e-_-mail smily “  → ─_─    (replace “─” with “-”)

You can type the unicode symbol ☺ with [ALT] + 1*
or with [altGR] + s on my

soon a

*on the numeric keypad


perma url─────██████�…


abstract, ursprünglich hochgeladen von ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk



Czentrifuga, ursprünglich hochgeladen von ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk

the former “Fleischerei” project


trick, by ۞►───█ + ♥.tk

the Tricks in 3 images:─────██████████════█


found street object

street chair


Titel: “Ausstellung von unbezahlter Arbeit”

i´ve heard that there are steps done to remove the installation, so i hope my added stuff is not a problem.

street chair, ursprünglich hochgeladen von ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk


Adbusting : Snoop Dogg

more photos from sex

Bilder aussetzen

Bilder aussetzen, originally uploaded by ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk

Jürgen form



-_- happy Pentecost -_-

happy-_-pentecost ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿, originally uploaded by ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk.


view the photo @ flickr overworked  with notes