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tiger, ursprünglich hochgeladen von ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk,f.,+fav./bookmarks_in_(autohide)toolbars─────██████████════█


the bucket on top installed in 2002 or 2003

one of the 1st  photos from this Borat piece───█


nose, ursprünglich hochgeladen von ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk



raus, originally uploaded by ! ►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk

next panties-repasted

previous panties


tyre installation first in Linienstr , than @ invalid-_-beach Beetween this 2 phases he was used for the loop @ the past minigolf place Linienstr.
poster hole @ Rosenthaler Platz

more photos from sex

the hole was cutted by an unknown artist. Lasted 4 month . Often covered and recovered. Into the hole i´ve inserted a TA6ED telephon card
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