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█════███████████───── alle wollen dorthin, ursprünglich hochgeladen von ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk


Ronald Mcdonald luv fatties


Ronald Mcdonald

ronald, originally uploaded by ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk

again a poster removed and overworked

prevoius /clown

clown # ─────██████████════█ less cleaned the next arrangement
smily cd


The ALT code for the right pointed triangle is 16 on the numeric keypad http://►.tk

The 6cd + doppelcover ►─────██████████════█ id

riddle “delete this” => -_-@smily•tk
the prefix (or localart) "-_-" i´ve named in 2001 "e-_-mail smily"

Arrangement on the past gallery Böttcher in Kleine Hamburgerstr. 2003 -2004