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Obi smily ►next to a “do it yourself” Obi market

oby-smily, ursprünglich hochgeladen von ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk

in range : former tattooed smily painted in 2006 still lasting ( 15month +…)


Smily billboard ☺.tk

Smily billboard, originally uploaded by ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk.

in range to the Obi entrance Naumburg▬  .

The idn ☺.tk#_☺_typed_ALT_+_1

lasted 2 years

previous tattooed smily


tattooed smily

a very happy tattooed ☺ and a bad boy, originally uploaded by ! »☺►/streetart#───█ -_- ©██.


the poster . → exhibited in the Gallery artport
the billboard renowed → smily-billboard