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ARTz mattress @

ARTz, originally uploaded by ۞►/streetart#───█ + ♥.tk.


pe board Use Address.Initials

address.initials in flash

Borat covers a lucy paste up single character idn domains (domain names)

Borat paste up covers a Lucy paste up
perma url or ───█.tk (in Ie7 moz ff nn opera)

single character idn domains (names) ►.tk ☺.tk
use Address Initials
۞۞ Borat below a past Nokia ad ۞ ۞
alloy sticker, originally uploaded by ! »☺►/streetart#───█ -_- ©██.

billboard Friedrichstr. 111 -_- use Address.Initials

the fastest access of a huge amount preferred favorites/bookmarks,files, folders with logical shortcuts. Access them in browsers, the win explorer and the taskbar addressbar

slower, with ► instead of [ENTER]


address initials , the fastest way to access a bigger amount preferred WEBPAGES files + folder
With logical 3 digit shortcuts you can access very fast around 1000 webpages, local files or folders.
Theoreticaly: 43x43x43 = 80 000

Recommendation: try it in firefox: Menu "bookmarks" 1)add as b.m. 2) edit properties 3)access
address.initials 6raphic overworked with the link http://█.com
another example for address.initials

=> MORE -_-█════███████████─────
Scheinschlag: Autohide toolbars ; address.initials ; addresstrick#_to_shorten_addresses

[flash animation to open files/folders Fav/bookm. with logical shortcuts↓]
Optimized XP with autohide toolbars

Address.initials ↓↑ view the

how the win addressbar* acts in the best way

↓ trick to shorten addresses ► insert “#” i.e.───█

more photos from sex

↓ the most ↓ efficient actions ↓ : to open addressed/blank e-mail forms↑↑