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slideshows from
syndicated from my ► /streetart account

The slideshow from the 1st flickr streetart group /-_-
The slideshow code from the group /-_-
Code modifications for personal slideshows
===> user_id=41894194462@N01 or ==> user_id=41894194462@N01&tag=sticka
It´s difficult to find the code @ flickr : group id´s you must extract from the html source of your wanted slideshow
f111 address visualization
Berlin Friedrich-111 Address visualizations  i.e.

located Berlin Friedrichstr 111
mostly used drill hammer size in europe 1kg =>───█
addressTrick to shorten URL’s
more photos from to do , insert the "#" before or after a "/" Advantage: you must not mark the end On german + british keyboard you can trigger the action with one hand movement , because the " # " key is located beside the "ENTER" key

TEST = the same page, but with a alert
overworked ad 4rtcards triangle-_-cuts

board before Sparwasser hq flagged sticker 4rtcard