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are objects or combinations of materials @ stickerspots , where you can take off a part or the object complietly
. The protectors are ment for the collectors

-_- 1cut => 2 forms and a perfect linkart piece =>¯¯¯/..
2nd cut => parallelogram a special trapez

trapez /¯¯¯/ stickA
[by klicking you can view the pics with bigger sizes and registert users can leave comments]

--_-- 1cut 1 form

square stickA with a 6 protector for the collectors


more up to date => my stickA set
=>¯¯¯/´s easier to update

an older site version below

1 -_- between traffic sign + poll installed bucked lids -_- screwed lids -_- since 1996 5000 pieces in Berlin.

2 -_- sticker / protector combinations -_- [since 2002]

3 -_- with paint pasted kitchen tiles, cd´s, dvd´s  signed with the "e-_-m@il smily" ( -_-@domain.xy ) or
( the bigger tiles secured with hook nails ) -_- [since 2003]

shows also wethered stickers, partly signed with plastification, so you can´t cross them

object made of a material with the strenght 1,2mm

view the link descriptions in the statusbar

streetart technique blog -_- -_- -_- -_-