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easy scripting lines on the streets

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in 2009 i’ve started to “publish” easy scripting lines
i.e. capslock::@ ;remaps capslock to @
It’s an AutoHotkey scripting line ( →hotkeys →hotstrings →remappings →apps)
[@] key instead of [capslock] on pc's (by ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ /streetart#+_♥.tk

The initial step
•download and install
•Drag n drop the file AutoHotkey.ahk from the “My documents” folder into a notepad window
•add the line capslock::@ to this sample file and save it [ctrl] + [s]
•click the desktop file AutoHotkey.exe

the script will load @ startup. You can edit the .ahk file too by clicking on the “H” tray icon “edit script”

you declined to create a sample script

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