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ascii hammer ───█ and -_- instead of www    i.e. ───█

google displays the creations in the URL line The better browsers Mozilla, NN, Opera are displaying the hammer perfect©██..actions_with_volume_containers,_bottle_posters+objects_in_different_metropoles
In Europe mostly used: the " 1kg ───█ " -_- Other specifications "1,25kg" "1,5kg"

bottle posters signed with "" The project shortdomain visulized also with the pot cretion©██...

" WWW.6reetings_from_█████████> " my e-_-mail signature, works in the better browsers as a weblink
the pic above is a part of my (html) guestbook + forum signature

20 billboard pics in a slideshow soon without adds link

view the link descriptions in the statusbar

streetart technique blog -_- -_- -_-