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the longest e-mail address with 999 characters

painted 2001 + 2002 on the sidewalk Berlin Oranienburger- corner August- for 14 month

                                                     view also  the statusbar! 2001 The longest e-mailaddress with 199 characters painted on the sidewalk Oranienburger═ -_- Lasted 14 month     and on several 20m pipes


-_- -_- -_-

e-_-mails with addr. >899 characters you can send only from Yahoo web-mail, but they will end in the cyberspace.
i´ve recived e-mails with addr. up to 899 characters.
Important is the tld ".info" The other tlds ".com" ".us" + ..... < 250 char.

the Longest e-mail address is also used in the => "Long Dong pop up " aim: use a browser who block pop up´s    i.e.    
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(the links above are showing different streetart manifestations)

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