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simple Autohotkey.com#_script_functions

the beginner AutoHotkey scripts are very easy, but you can design too very comfortible applications with the ahk scripting language

i.e. simple folder ftp   activaid with 60 extensions  shortCUTr.de#__or__1mm.de

                                 the test steps     ( advantage: no registry changes)            

1) →Download and click  the open source file AutoHotKey.exe 240kb

2) grant permission "create and display the sample script"  in the  "
(My) Documents" folder

3) add your own script lines to the file and save it 

4) click again the  file "AutoHotkey.exe" on the Desktop. This activates the defined shortcuts

Permant usage dragNdrop a shortcut over [START] [All Programs] into the [Startup] folder 
► to edit scripts: rightclick on the H tray icon  →ctrl + c → "reload script"   ( or create  edit + relaod shortcuts )

Option: download this sample file_with_more_scripted_functions into your (My) Documents folder
This sample file you can also view in the browser as text ( if you start with this download, you must click the exe only one time

how to set up shortcuts for url´s/pathes +  text (
multiline `r  more options )  

► 1 key  ~ 25   keylist
f6::run f:\6   numpad6 ::run http://6de.de    ins::send by the way    
note one shortcut per line    more actions

► 2 keys ~ 107x106 shortcuts ~x & y::  keylist
Tip: set up shortcuts with mouse keys and with the space key
   ‎‎~rbutton & a::run www.A.. ~space & 1::run c:\  ~rwin & appkey::send multiline text 
a simplified syntax
!x:: (=ALTx) #x:: (=WINx) ^x:: (=CTRLx)

►unlimited amount hotstrings i.e. fb[ as triggers
(multiline)text via an single line syntax
:*:btw::by the way
::btw::by the way requiers ENTER, SPACE or "," after the ascii character input
one or more url´s or pathes
run www.shortCUTr.de
more actions add run or send lines before the return line

mapings + disabling keys  the easiest syntax    
 remaps  the anoying capslock key to @
return ; ← ↑ diables capslock

►character + command by hiting a key                          
rwin::send {#}{enter} ;inserts on the cursor position "#" and sends  ENTER  =TRICK to shorten addr. with 3 steps less

►searching highlighted text                                        

#9::          ;=[win] + [9]
send ^c    ;= [ctrl] + [c] copy to clipboard
run http://google.com/search?hl=de&q=%clipboard%  ;de
run http://google.com/search?hl=en&q=%clipboard%  ;en

general AHK tips
→you can run different .ahk files in this case you can hide the tray icons with  " #NoTrayIcon "
→reload the scripts after changes by clicking the "autohotkey.exe" or "x.ahk"  or a shortcut to the files  →requiers the code "#singleinstance force"
→ you can find a lot of scripts in the autohotkey forums  .de

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AutoHotkey is an open source macro-making utility for Windows that can automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. It can also create hotkeys for keyboard, mouse, joystick, and handheld remote controls. Similarly, it can create abbreviations that expand as you type them (AutoText). Finally, it makes it easy to create your own graphical user interfaces and custom menus.