small google searchforms ( 60x15pxl - 240 x60 pxl)
for the XP taskbar or the "active desktop"

 -_- inserted into the taskbar as a "toolbar" → always present   (
•rightclick •too
lbars •new toolbar • OK )
 -_- the input field behaves like the input field in the browser head or on the G hp; you can use too the search history
  -_- on the active desktop -_-  acces the forms with the desktop button in the quicklaunch next to START

  -_- you can insert the form/s into clouds from the desktop wallpaper 

 google  DEMO -_- click into the input fields  
                                                    update  2012  the auto add.cdf files removed  
submit↑ with ENTER

  Future: forms, which will show a resultpage in your language

  The better waysave and follow the I-explorer help "active desktop"
 You can make another google test by resizing your browser window to 60x15 pxl.

  Security questions
  your pc didn´t know the domain,  so an alert will appear, ignore it, the onliest way.

 By touching the borders of active desktop items a menubar with a close button will appear

The active desktop items will be saved in the "offline webpages" folder:
   @SeX -_- imprint