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with the following techniques you can save more than the half, commonly needed  time

access shortinfos, code, hints + .. with logical shortcuts windows ADDRESS bar in the taskbar, Ie + explorer addressBar.
With the addr. bar technique you can trigger too voip/skype cals pe +  . You can expand the  address menu +(addressbar)  for longer, in filenames saved,  infos.
The techniche requiers AUTO complieting for webaddresses →control panal →Internet options →advanced

access webpage(s), files + folders  with •hotkeys i.e. numpad 6 •2 +3 key  shortcuts* →
→ special  ~ 130 keySstroke shortcuts [1|2] [WIN|ALT] [S─X] [SPACE─M]
resized 1st advanced GUI ←advanced tab
 * try to use logical shortcuts or initials i.e.a & g for  Al Gore

to shorten urls without deleting the url end                                                                                         
german + british keyboards   •set the cursor @ the end of your desired url •keySstroke on [#|ENTER]
other keyboards   insert "#" + send  "ENTER" with the above shown open source app • hit the right ctrl key

ADVANTAGE you must not highlight and delete the end of the address

switching to another username/dir/account i.e. @ ,fb +... ► insert ``username#´´ i.e. -_- © ! @SeX#─────██████████════█