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1kg.de/shorted + #1kg.de#/shorted                  before or after " / " doesn't matter

﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿  you should finish this shorten task with a HOTkey -_- requieres the code e.g. f6::send {#}{enter}

to switch from e.g. a tweet to a different /user → insert y# after highlighting or placing the cursor


beside the former squat Köpi

keySstroke finish
1) last part of an url (behind / or . ): ¹highlight  ²Backspace Enter -_-  Backspace a little earlier

2) 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 keyboards
A) your german or british keyboard send always # and than ENTER →  [#|ENTER] keySstroke
B) rolling the fingertip whilst the [#|ENTER] keySstroke is required

Easier than to understand and to use the above 1finger keyboard technique -_- is a software solution

the open source desktop app shortCUTr.de includes the script line Rctrl::send {#}{enter}   R = right

resized 1st tab1mm.de/f.png#_resized_1st_tab advanced GUI 11m.de/gui←advanced tab 4
additional app features:
•3 multiclipboards  = fill faster e.g. a bank transfer form  
ALT +F1 +F2 +F3 Ctrl+C  Paste Ctrl+V ALT +1 +2 +3
• ∞ hotstring triggers e.g. üä, xy+ or +xy  ( important: leading or trailing special character )
• code snippets  -run scripts -create file  -create folder -+ ...   
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