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the 40th mail character


                      trick / invention  insert preferred address into the address bar by typing one from 42 keys or initials
                                                            ie. "ul" for "university.xy/libary"       allows to insert with 2digits theor.  676 addr.  w. 3 digits 17 576 addr.

The best application, but in the future: copy the modified favorites from your local traffic company into your favorites folder. Then you can acces the up to date timetabels by typing the linenumbers u9 or b10 and ENTER    
Demo  =>  Download this test file into your favorites folder or desktop and type U9

The technique behind : if you type i.e "ul" , "+" or "1" into a adressbar, the system will search for a file or folder starting with "ul...xy ", "+ ... " or "1...."
Your addressbar will display in the drowdownmenu i.e "ul Univerity.xy/Libary.url"
The function "inline autocomplieting for webaddresses" [tools options advanced] will insert this file into the addressbar.
With Enter your browser or mailsystem will send a request or a mail to the address, which is saved in this file.

Prepairing the files

Us webmailsystems (Y , hotm, ly +) insert "pm" or "+" or "1" into the nickname field of your contact  "peter miller"

Outlook express
insert "pm" or "+" or "1" into the 1st name field, before "Peter" seperated by a space
                If you have forgotten the shortcut, search for Miller.
       requiers the default settings "Autocomplieting for addresses". => tools =>options =>send   The techn. will not work in Outlook

  Browsers: technique favoritshortcut   requiers a favorites file starting with " ul University.xy/libary.........url "  
visit the page, => rightklick into the page [or ALT +A] =>add to favorites and modify the title in the title field. Ok
Activate " inline autocomplieting for webaddresses " this makes the technique a little more comfortible => options; advanced

If you seperate your favoritshortcut with a space "sp Z....." will be inserted before "spA........" Space is the 1st listed character

@lternative technique
for older browsers or the from me recommended browser plugin
you can insert the address Http://  into your addressBAR with ++ after you have visited the addr.
It´s a *AT-@ddress* with the shortcut ++ before the @ The browser will display and ignore it.
=> add your shortcut
seperated with @ before the domain or sub---domain ""

For webmaster: prepair your pagetitles for this technique !

Advantage in Browsers : the space for the linkbar and the open favoritlist, can be used for to view webpages,
you must not open, search and sroll the not alphabbetical ordered favoritlist .
The solution to open favorits with e.g the function keys F1 -F12 needs more time, because the system have to open 1st a new window.
Use this keys to start programms or to open folders.

More tipps

type "c:" into a adressbar and push the ENTER key     the same will happen in the taskbar addressbar
-_- type "+" into a, and the system will show "+" or ""     a desktop folder or file (if present)
The browser or win explorer addressbar wil search in the history , favorites + desktop folder

for shortcuts

The char. for which you need *shift* or *Alt Gr* are also possible,
but it´s easier to use a shortcut with 2 times the same char.

. The easiest modification is to insert a space or a special character on the 2nd or 3rd position of a contact name or an existing page title
( so *a z... * will be insered not *aa..*)
ranking of characters: *Space; !; #; $; (; ); ,; -; @; [; ]; {; }; +; =; §; 0-9; a-z * Little or big letters makes no difference

Start your programms with the functionkeys F2 - F4, F6 -F10 + F12 or open drafts with them

!!!!! The comma and semicolon can´t be used in mailsystems for a shortcut !!!!!

The best Dir: the desktop
i have 700 files on my desktop.
-_- to open files => type the file with the extension i.e. " +.jpg " + ENTER
-_- to search for files: type the startingletter and the dropdownmenü will show you the files starting with this character.

painted addr. between 2000 and 2003 next to the fleemarket P-berg -_- 6allery mile August -

e-_-m@il smily created 6.2001 since 9.2003 a part of the Berlin streetart, painted on tiles, which are pasted with paint or nailed

e mail characters: - _ . 0-9 a-Z + -_- = char. #40            
                                                                                                                                              register a free domains with e-_-mil addresses

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